New Wheels on the Road for Timber Delivery

This week sees a new vehicle in our livery. When you think about it what a great place to advertise! You can cover many many counties in a week’s worth of deliveries, with your message getting to 1000’s of people on a display as large as a roadside billboard.

Bleach of Lavant have been delivering for us for decades, and in the past couple, Mick Bleach has offered for one of his vehicles to carry our livery. This complements our own in house lorry admirably. So this week after careful planning with us the latest lorry hit the road.

Bleach’s plan their vehicles carefully to ensure that they can be used on a variety of different jobs on the few days in the year that we do not require them.

Brian, who drives our liveried vehicle for Bleach’s has been delivering for us for many years and has a great rapport with our customers and a great guy to work with.

So, for the vehicle spotters out there in the South of England, if you see a bright blue lorry with W L West & Sons Ltd blazoned on the side, that’s one of our vehicles.

Don’t forget, for all of your hardwood and joinery softwood requirements…………………

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Solid Hardwood Worktops – A natural part of your Kitchen

I guess one of the most attractive parts of a Kitchen is having beautiful worktops. Chosen correctly with your Kitchen units, the worktops can become a feature that is also a tool for daily use. Over the years we have seen many materials used for Worktops, but the material that keeps on coming back and is timeless is solid Hardwood Worktops.

There are many people supplying imported worktops, but we pride ourselves in producing Worktops that are totally hand finished. Bespoke made to fit your kitchen, maintained correctly these will give you a lifetime of service. There are many different suitable species: European Oak, Ash, Sycamore, American Poplar, American Black Walnut, Iroko and many more.

We construct the Worktops of uniform width staves using a special ‘F’ joint which increases the surface area of the joint and together with the PU glue, creates an extreamly strong joint.

What you should consider as part of your Worktop decision making process, is the maintenance required to ensure that the Worktops give you good performance for years to come. This includes quite a strict initial oiling program to ensure that the timber gets a good base for repelling moisture, after all, this is going into your kitchen, it will get wet. We want you to get the best out of the products, so be patient, it will be worth it in the long run. You should also consider any edges that may be adjacent to a heat source, an Aga perhaps. These ends need an end cleat (a piece of timber perpendicular to the direction of the staves). Finally, we can supply the worktops, but unfortunately, we are unable to offer a fitting service, it is important that you use someone that really knows Harwood Worktops, we have seen many tops poorly installed. Poorly installed worktops will, inevitably create problems in the future. We can help you out with suggesting good craftsmen for this service.

Clearly, worktops and bar tops are similar, and we can offer Bar Tops as well, indeed many a fine pint has been supped from our Bar tops.

Now, you may only require a small worktop for another project or perhaps just one to contrast with a different surface, well have a look at the Worktop Offers Page of our website – IF YOU CLICK HERE WE WILL TAKE YOU THERE .

On the main Worktops page of our website you will find more details and guidance for the perfect result – CLICK HERE FOR THE WORKTOPS PAGE.

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