New Wheels on the Road for Timber Delivery

This week sees a new vehicle in our livery. When you think about it what a great place to advertise! You can cover many many counties in a week’s worth of deliveries, with your message getting to 1000’s of people on a display as large as a roadside billboard.

Bleach of Lavant have been delivering for us for decades, and in the past couple, Mick Bleach has offered for one of his vehicles to carry our livery. This complements our own in house lorry admirably. So this week after careful planning with us the latest lorry hit the road.

Bleach’s plan their vehicles carefully to ensure that they can be used on a variety of different jobs on the few days in the year that we do not require them.

Brian, who drives our liveried vehicle for Bleach’s has been delivering for us for many years and has a great rapport with our customers and a great guy to work with.

So, for the vehicle spotters out there in the South of England, if you see a bright blue lorry with W L West & Sons Ltd blazoned on the side, that’s one of our vehicles.

Don’t forget, for all of your hardwood and joinery softwood requirements…………………

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