Yes its not just the high street shops that are having a SALE, our Retail shop is too.


During the whole of February we are offering 10% off of all shop stock timber. Unfortunately this has to exclude Australian and exotic timbers. Pop in and have a look – build that cupboard, repair that chair, install those shelves. Whatever project you have on the go, its got to be worth a look.

While we are on the subject of Exotic timbers, we have new stocks of exotics especially Exotics 009v2sized for the hobbist/woodturner/box maker. Have a look at our website for an idea of some of the Exotics on stock: CLICK HERE

Have a browse on our website where you will find details on all of the above – and much more at:

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LEARN TO TURN – Woodturning for all

Would you like to be able to turn wood into beautiful things?

We are pleased to announce that we have a new wood turning tutor – Mr John Wyatt. John joins us in the Dsc00734New Year to bring you a course for beginners or perhaps for those of you who have ‘Jaded skills’.

John joins us after the sad passing of our previous tutor George Karon.

Our course is designed to teach you how to use a lathe safely and competently to produce a beautiful item. John will cover tool use, selection and control, sharpening of tools, parts of the lathe and its use. Cutting techniques and finishing.

Woodturning Course 021

The course is held at our teaching room at our sawmills in Selham, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0PJ. So you will be learning in the heart of the timber industry – with wood all around you!!

I have made it seem very simple! For more information have a look at our web site click the link here.

To download an application form with the current available dates, click here Woodturning Course form December 2012

Now, if your really take a shine to woodturning, we can also supply you with a lathe to meet your requirements ……. and

record cl3_1

pocket!, together with the correct tools to do the job. Pop into our shop and have a browse.

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New EU Timber Regulations ……. are you prepared?

Are you aware of the European legislation that will affect ALL timber traders from next year?

With effect from 3 March 2013 – Regulation (EU) No 995/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010 (EUTR) comes into force. This piece of legislation has been in discussion for some considerable time and has been commented on by many different organisations. Our input has been through our membership of the Timber Trade Federation. You can click on the title of the legislation above to go direct to the EU website.

The legislation covers most timber products (excluding recycled) and mandates everyone involved in the supply chain to prove that the timber has originated from legal sources. The legislation classes the timber trade into two categories, Operators – these are people who place timber for sale for the first time in Europe, and Traders – who are people who in the course of a commercial activity, sell or buy within the European market.

Quite a few of us we will be classed as Traders. In simple terms, this means that we have to prove who we purchase timber and timber products from, and who we sell them to. This information must be kept for at least 5 years.  Most of us have some type of purchase and sales invoicing system and this will provide the framework to meet the legislation. From our point of view, we are meeting our EUTR obligations by being signatories to the Timber Trade Federations – Responsible Purchasing Policy. A mandate of membership which is audited every year.

For Operators the requirement is more onerous. Operators must prove that the timber or timber product being placed onto the European Market for the first time is from legally harvested timber. Evidence of a robust due diligence system must be demonstrated. The due diligence systems must be periodically audited to maintain the robustness of the legislation.

But beware – it is possible that even if you are a Trader and therefore purchasing within Europe, if it is proved that you have been supplied illegal timber, and you have received it unknowingly, you can still be liable to prosecution and confiscation of product!!

We are in the favourable position of being ahead of the game with our trade federation, but our feeling is that there are many businesses out there who are oblivious to this new law. This is very concerning, we feel that there are many craftsmen and traders that do not know about the legislation or think it does not apply to them. If you feel that you are unsure, then you really ought to make some enquiries. It is better to be sure than face a prosecution through lack or research.

You can gain more information from the following website:

Timber Trade Federation – EU Timber Regs Guidance

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Record Power – Woodworking machines for enthusiasts

Anyone who enjoys working with wood knows that good machines make completing a project very much easier. If you are like me, we were taught woodworking at school 40 years ago and if we tried to hand cut a piece of timber square now we would have a 50/50 chance of accuracy. Similarly, hand planing a piece of hardwood? No I don’t think so.

So, if you would like to either update some of the woodworking machines that you currently have or would like to start to create your own woodworking workshop, then pop along and see us on:

Wednesday 24 October 2012.

Record Power, a name synonymous with woodworking, will be holding a demonstration day at our premises from 10.00am until 4.00pm. We have been working with Record Power for some years now, and they manufacture very good woodworking machines. From small band saws, planer thicknessers to woodturning lathes. We are convinced that if you have a question on what machine to buy, that they will be able to answer you. Good prices too. Record Power are always trying to be competitive in their market, and so you will find extremely good prices.

So, whether you are an experience craftsman, enthusiastic amateur furniture maker or apprentice woodworker – pop along to our shop on Wednesday 24 October 2012. You can find us between Midhurst and Petworth in West Sussex, just off the A272 opposite the Halfway Bridge Inn – follow the signs for Selham and Graffham.

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Exotic Timber – part two

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog telling you about the exotic timber available to you in our shop. Well, we’ve been shopping again!!

We have been to see our supplier and topped up our supplies. I think you will agree that there is a theme running through most of our posts that timber

Bog Oak

and the variety of hardwood species really are wonderful. The amazing natural purple of …Purpleheart (yes the picture is correct and has not been re-coloured!), Banana yellow of Pau Amerello and the Zebra stripes of Zebrano. It is breathtaking the patterns and colours that mother nature has placed in the hundreds (if not thousands) of different timber species across the world.

Now, don’t get the wrong impression, we haven’t bought hundreds of cubic metres. These are smaller rounds and squares that are aimed at the enthusiast area of business. The woodturner, cabinetmaker and all lovers of different woods.

This time we have found a couple of different timbers one is Bog Oak. This originate from the East Anglian fens and the pieces we have selected are carbon dated at 5300 years old. The fens were originally heavily populated Oak

forests, these giant trees fell down and the area changed over hundreds of centuries. But the bog conditions are such that the oak trees are preserved from decay.

The colour changes somewhat, but it is still identifiable as Oak and very beautiful. Ebony is another new species to us. Our supplier sources from both Africa and India and the stock have been a little mixed, so we call it Black Ebony.

Now …. we have Partridgewood, Verawood, Ebony, Chechen, Lignum Vitae (Palo Santo Wood), Olivewood ….. deep breath …African Blackwood, Lemonwood, Pau Amerello, Purpleheart, Cocobolo (two species Nicaraguan and Mexican!!), Roupala Lacewood, Zebrano, Wenge, Columbian Rosewood …… and breath out, Brazilian Tulipwood – probably my favorite, sadly we had the last 4 pieces, but the beautiful shades of pinky/red and yellows are amazing.

That’s not an exclusive list. You need to look at our website for that or visit our shop. Remember – these do move very fast, so visiting is the best way of knowing what we have.

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It maybe that you are a cabinet maker who would like to obtain larger sizes of some of these timbers, now we cannot guarantee that we can obtain all sizes, but why not call and we will see what we can do. You must remember that many of these species are relatively rare and not the norm for commercial usage, so don’t be surprised if we are unable to find some…. BUT we will try. Do remember, these can be very expensive timbers though!!

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Hardwoods into Art

Red Mallee Vase

Timber has to be the most versatile material known to man. The scope of uses is mind blowing, we use it in construction with a lower cost softwood, that is never seen after roofs and plaster are applied to Oak beams that we show off.

We use it for the garden and security as fences and barriers. We use it on our rivers and in sea defence work. We still use a small amount as dunnage

Red Mallee and Ash

(packing for shipping). We burn it for heat and power. We can drive on it in some bridges and temporary roads. We carve it into amazing statues and figureheads.

Red Mallee and Ash

And not finally, because I have only grazed the surface of uses for timber, but in addition we create art with it.

One of our customers creates the most beautiful turnery, this surely can be described as Art? He uses various timbers, the examples here are from Australian and European timbers. Kevin Hutson is a professional wood turner who started out as a hobbyist. After passing his C & G exams in Carpentry & Joinery at Brighton

Technical College, Kevin ended up as a freelance draughtsman specialising in architecturally designed joinery manufacture. This was the catalyst for Kevin’s artistic and creative side to shine. He is self taught in the design area, but as you can see from his work, successfully so. Have a look at his web site at, he welcomes commisions, and as you will see, Kevin’s pieces are just a little bit different. In the pictures you will see that he has put together species from different continents is a stunning way.

If you have an interest in timbers that are just a little different, pop into our shop. Stocks are always moving, so its worth popping in and seeing waht we have.

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Where can you get Australian Burrs (Burls) and Exotic Timber From??

Well from us of course!! Didn’t you know we have a shop dedicated to the lover of wood? Yes, anyone can pop into our shop Monday to Friday 8.00 am ’til 5.00 pm and Saturday’s 9.00am ’til 1.00pm. We have tools and machinery, finishes and timber. So you could call us a ‘One stop shop’!!

But back to the headlines.

We have been importing Australian Burrs from Eastern Australia for several years now. It took us some time to find a supplier but as with buses and policemen, once we found one, 2 or 3 came out of the woodwork (excuse the pun).

Now, don’t get us wrong, we dont import in container loads, normally its about 1.5 tonnes at a time, and smallish sizes. These are aimed at the wood enthusiast’s, wood turners, carvers , indeed anyone who loves different timbers.

Currently we have a selection of Burr’s, square and turning blanks in Jarah, Red Mallee, Coolibah, Sheoak Camphor laurel and a few others. There are various sizes of Australian Burrs, from as small as 150mm diameter to ones of 400mm diameter plus a little more with some of them. Turned or machine carved these Burrs finish extreamely well and can give a superb finish.

We don’t stop there, we stock Exotic Timbers as well, aimed at the same customers as the Australian timbers, we have a variety of stock including Caretto, Purpleheart, Padouk, Cocobolo to name a few.

So whether it be Australian or Exotic, temporate hardwoods or finishes, pop along and have a browse at what we have to offer.

Oh! and dont forget …………. On Saturday 17th March 2012 we have The Pompey Pen Maker here demonstrating. Click here for more details.