LEARN TO TURN – Woodturning for all


Would you like to be able to turn wood into beautiful things?

We are pleased to announce that we have a new wood turning tutor – Mr John Wyatt. John joins us in the Dsc00734New Year to bring you a course for beginners or perhaps for those of you who have ‘Jaded skills’.

John joins us after the sad passing of our previous tutor George Karon.

Our course is designed to teach you how to use a lathe safely and competently to produce a beautiful item. John will cover tool use, selection and control, sharpening of tools, parts of the lathe and its use. Cutting techniques and finishing.

Woodturning Course 021

The course is held at our teaching room at our sawmills in Selham, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0PJ. So you will be learning in the heart of the timber industry – with wood all around you!!

I have made it seem very simple! For more information have a look at our web site click the link here.

To download an application form with the current available dates, click here Woodturning Course form December 2012

Now, if your really take a shine to woodturning, we can also supply you with a lathe to meet your requirements ……. and

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pocket!, together with the correct tools to do the job. Pop into our shop and have a browse.

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Exotic Timber – part two


A few weeks ago we wrote a blog telling you about the exotic timber available to you in our shop. Well, we’ve been shopping again!!

We have been to see our supplier and topped up our supplies. I think you will agree that there is a theme running through most of our posts that timber

Bog Oak

and the variety of hardwood species really are wonderful. The amazing natural purple of …Purpleheart (yes the picture is correct and has not been re-coloured!), Banana yellow of Pau Amerello and the Zebra stripes of Zebrano. It is breathtaking the patterns and colours that mother nature has placed in the hundreds (if not thousands) of different timber species across the world.

Now, don’t get the wrong impression, we haven’t bought hundreds of cubic metres. These are smaller rounds and squares that are aimed at the enthusiast area of business. The woodturner, cabinetmaker and all lovers of different woods.

This time we have found a couple of different timbers one is Bog Oak. This originate from the East Anglian fens and the pieces we have selected are carbon dated at 5300 years old. The fens were originally heavily populated Oak

forests, these giant trees fell down and the area changed over hundreds of centuries. But the bog conditions are such that the oak trees are preserved from decay.

The colour changes somewhat, but it is still identifiable as Oak and very beautiful. Ebony is another new species to us. Our supplier sources from both Africa and India and the stock have been a little mixed, so we call it Black Ebony.

Now …. we have Partridgewood, Verawood, Ebony, Chechen, Lignum Vitae (Palo Santo Wood), Olivewood ….. deep breath …African Blackwood, Lemonwood, Pau Amerello, Purpleheart, Cocobolo (two species Nicaraguan and Mexican!!), Roupala Lacewood, Zebrano, Wenge, Columbian Rosewood …… and breath out, Brazilian Tulipwood – probably my favorite, sadly we had the last 4 pieces, but the beautiful shades of pinky/red and yellows are amazing.

That’s not an exclusive list. You need to look at our website for that or visit our shop. Remember – these do move very fast, so visiting is the best way of knowing what we have.

Call our Shop team on 01798 861611 or email:shop@wlwest.co.uk

It maybe that you are a cabinet maker who would like to obtain larger sizes of some of these timbers, now we cannot guarantee that we can obtain all sizes, but why not call and we will see what we can do. You must remember that many of these species are relatively rare and not the norm for commercial usage, so don’t be surprised if we are unable to find some…. BUT we will try. Do remember, these can be very expensive timbers though!!

Don’t forget, for all of your hardwood and joinery softwood requirements…………………

Call our Sales team on 01798 861611 or email:sales@wlwest.co.uk