About W L West & Sons Ltd

wlw logo v6 1865-2015


The West family, for as long as anyone can remember, has been involved with timber. In the middle nineteenth century, they were journeyman sawmillers, felling timber and sawing from a pit in the woods where the timber was cut.

Earliest company records are dated in 1865. The company in its present form, is a traditional home-grown timber merchant who started trading, as W. L. West & Sons, on a permanent site at Midhurst about eighty years ago, sawing round logs by means of pit saws. Mechanisation over the years progressed through steam powered engines and belt driven saws to a fully modern sawmill today. The company was incorporated in 1957 as a limited company.

In 1986, the Company moved to a much larger twelve acre site at Selham, midway between Midhurst and Petworth (just off the A272), to purpose built sawmills and factory with computerised oil fired kilns.

As well as having extensive outside air drying stocks, over fifty thousand square feet of drying sheds have been erected to hold stocks of air-dried and kiln-dried timbers. Continual growth in the Company has meant that it is now one of the larger temperate hardwood sawmills in the country and second to none as far as English oak is concerned.

It is pleasing that the business is still firmly in family hands, with four of Walter Luke West’s grandchildren and five of his great-grandchildren involved in the business. Walter Luke West can be seen in the picture at the top of this page.

We pride ourselves in working with our customers to provide solutions. We believe that forming this type of relationship not only enables us to understand our customers requirements better, it develops long standing customer relationships.

We will and do work with architects, builders, designers, land owners, and the public at large on projects large and small. We aim to go that extra mile, indeed, mile and a half!! So, if you have a project in wood that you would like to discuss :-

Call our Sales team on 01798 861611 or email:sales@wlwest.co.uk


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