Ash dieback could devastate Britain’s landscape

The potential for this disease to spread could be disasterous. The English Ash from a commercial point of view is a beautiful timber. It is very important that we stop any spread of this disease in our country.

We have experienced various plant heath problems over the years including Dutch Elm and more recently Phytophthora ramorum which has affected forestry from the West Country eastwards.

The Forestry and Timber industries together with landowners need to be very attentive to these problems.

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Gabriel Hemery

Name an iconic tree species for Britain … Did you answer oak or Scots pine? My guess is that it was one or the other. There is another species however that holds a unique place in British landscapes, not just in lowland forests, but in our uplands, in wet woodlands, among hedgerows and fields, in streets, parks and gardens – the ash Fraxinus excelsior. It may not demand our attention in the same way as some other tree species but it is extremely valuable and important in so many ways.

Take a look at the distribution map (right) for ash – every blue dot represents a 10×10km square in Britain where ash is present. Very few places in Britain are without ash trees. It is a vital component in the ecosystems of many mixed woodlands, being an ideal companion to oak and other hardwoods. It regenerates readily being adapted…

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