John O’Groats to Lands End by Pedal Power … Days 5 & 6!

The team cycled in the England on the evening of day 4. So the start of Day 5 began near Penrith, the day, as we have all been experiencing to date, was a mixed weather one with bright sunshine and very heavy showers. Road and traffic conditions were extremely poor and the van and cyclists were keeping up the same poor speed, slow enough for Gerard to find and pickup a £5 note!!  One of the most energetic points was Shap Fell, must have been a great ride down the other side though? They eventually arrived near Northwich 112 miles later.

Blue Sky for most of Wednesday

Wednesday saw a start around 8.30am, aiming in the right direction is always a good thing, unfortunately this didn’t happen this morning. 6 miles in the wrong direction added to the days total mileage – School Boy Error!! Correction made, they headed down the A49 for muich of the journey.

The weather was better than previous days with mostly sunshine. Ludlow was the stop for mid trip and unlike a lot of the rest of the UK, they managed to bathe in sunshine with an al fresco lunch.

The afternoon presented good average speeds. About 10 miles from their destination for the night, a series of challenging hills slowed them down a little, finally arriving in Monmouth at around 5pm.

Thursday will see them hitting the West Country with vengeance!!

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