John O’Groats to Lands End Pedal Power – Days 3 & 4

The team set off on Sunday morning from Ballachulish with one of the biggest challenges of the trip .. the ascent of Glencoe and the onward 130 miles to New Cumnock. After a split start for the team, some stated before 6am!

The pathfinders had a spoke problem with one of the bikes. The later starters got away by 7.45. Having climbed 1150 ft up Glencoe, they enjoyed a bacon sarnie breakfast . The day concluded 7.5 hours and 135 miles later in New Cumnock. An amazing cycle!

This morning (Monday 9/07) the team started off aiming for the English border. The weather was being its current normal self, starting with rain and ending in sunshine. Today’s ride was a little kinder with a trip of 95 miles, which ended in Penrith around 5pm.

It appears that the team may well be collating material to write the cyclists guide to JOG to LE B&B’s !! Every evening we have tales of blatant luxury and after dinner tales that appear gourmet in the least. Are they really cycling?

Well good luck for Day 5 in the saddle guys, glad its you not me.

Is that a whole Lobster in your mouth Gerard?

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