From Acorns to Oak trees …. to Oak Framed Buildings

I don’t think any of us have driven through Englands pleasant land without seeing, in some way, shape or form an Oak Framed building. They are traditional as Roast Beef or Fish & Chips (although from Jamie Oliver’s recent series, neither were British inventions!!).

There can be nothing more beautiful and inspiring than seeing the construction of an Oak framed building taking shape. We have been working with Oak builders for decades, we would like to think back to Nelsons day, but that’s a blog for another day.

Our series of Oak Framed buildings are manufactured out of quaility European Oak. They are exclusively made from PEFC Oak. These buildings are cut from Green Oak and as such will be manufactured to order. All joints, mortices and dowel holes are precut and drilled, dowels are supplied. The building arrives in kit form with plans and all joints marked.

The uses are only limited by your imagination, Garages, Studio’s, Jacuzzi Shelters, Barbeque Houses, Workshops the list is endless.

The buildings are supply only but we are working with another of our suppliers to offer a building service and assistance in obtaining planning permission where applicable.

We are able to supply the external cladding to suit your requirement, together with Cedar shingles for the roof. Oak garage doors will set the buildings off to a tee, and we can make these in our workshops, all hand made to fit your requirements.

So, have you gots some space in the garden or padock that would be an ideal location for one of these buildings. May be a swimming pool house, a new workshop a home for that collection of vintage motor cars! Just about anything is possible.

We have the full range of buildings listed on our main website with exploded drawings, click here or any of the pictures to take you there.

Call our Sales team on 01798 861611 or


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