The Power of Oak ….. the master of European Timbers

We told you in the previous Beam blog about the power of Oak, and its ability to be stronger than bricks and mortar. We weren’t exaggerating when we said that, it is a remarkable hardwood. We have seen examples of Oak being used in buildings and as the timber has started to dry, it moves and splits and can push walls apart!!

We have recently been to France to buy planking logs, we are very selective as we are buying for 1st quality boards. The last load came in this morning, great logs with one exception!

Nice log, looks OK dosen't it?
Hang on whats that at the other end?
Crikey, how did that happen?
Thats a hell of a split!!

Just shows you the power of tension in Oak. We would not have spotted this issue, the log had been crosscut in the woods after we had done our selection. Just shows you that all is not always what it seems!! I think we need to have a word with our supplier!!!

Call us for all of your Oak requirements.

01798 861611


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