Where can you get Australian Burrs (Burls) and Exotic Timber From??


Well from us of course!! Didn’t you know we have a shop dedicated to the lover of wood? Yes, anyone can pop into our shop Monday to Friday 8.00 am ’til 5.00 pm and Saturday’s 9.00am ’til 1.00pm. We have tools and machinery, finishes and timber. So you could call us a ‘One stop shop’!!

But back to the headlines.

We have been importing Australian Burrs from Eastern Australia for several years now. It took us some time to find a supplier but as with buses and policemen, once we found one, 2 or 3 came out of the woodwork (excuse the pun).

Now, don’t get us wrong, we dont import in container loads, normally its about 1.5 tonnes at a time, and smallish sizes. These are aimed at the wood enthusiast’s, wood turners, carvers , indeed anyone who loves different timbers.

Currently we have a selection of Burr’s, square and turning blanks in Jarah, Red Mallee, Coolibah, Sheoak Camphor laurel and a few others. There are various sizes of Australian Burrs, from as small as 150mm diameter to ones of 400mm diameter plus a little more with some of them. Turned or machine carved these Burrs finish extreamely well and can give a superb finish.

We don’t stop there, we stock Exotic Timbers as well, aimed at the same customers as the Australian timbers, we have a variety of stock including Caretto, Purpleheart, Padouk, Cocobolo to name a few.

So whether it be Australian or Exotic, temporate hardwoods or finishes, pop along and have a browse at what we have to offer.

Oh! and dont forget …………. On Saturday 17th March 2012 we have The Pompey Pen Maker here demonstrating. Click here for more details.


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