Fencing the South Downs


We have been working with Brighton & Hove City Council since 2009 installing and repairing fencing on their estate.

It is pleasing to see that they are choosing traditional fencing for a project that is ongoing on the Sussex Downs.

They have been creating areas to re-populate with sheep, to get the downs back to a state that they would have been in several decades ago.

We have been installing Cleft Rail Fencing on Oak posts with galvanised stock fence on one side of the fence.

We have installed Oak Field and Hunting gates keeping the whole installation very close to what may have been seen on the downs many years ago.

The gates are made by hand in our workshops in West Sussex, truely – Made in England. Sometimes we don’t make enough of handmade quality, choosing price and mass produced over, traditional. We are proud that our Gatemaker has been with us since school and produces what we think are some of the best gates around. Look out for our distinctive blue tags. Some that were probably made 3 or 4 decades ago are still out there, a true testimony to quality!!

Our fencing division PRO FENCING are based in Farnham, but cover Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and into London. They would be more than happy to visit you to provide a quote for replacing your fencing. We supply and install all types of fencing – Domestic – Commercial – Farm

Call our Sales team on 01798 861611 or 01252 726391 or email:sales@wlwest.co.uk


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