Ash – Through & Through

Traditional temperate species can be wonderful to the eye when made in to something beautiful, none more so than English Ash. Late in 2011 we bought a parcel of Ash quite locally. We milled it in September into a range of thicknesses, 27, 34, 41 & 54mm. We  hope some of it will be ready to kiln by April/May time.

You can see from the picture that we have taken care to protect the timber from stick marks by using plastic strips. The Ash has been under cover through its air drying process to make the most of its colour.

Traditionally Ash was used for sports products, steam bending and obviously the furniture trade.  It polishes beautifully. The stock of 41mm is long enough for Stair Strings.

It has gone out of favour inthe last few years, but with some of the problems being experienced with supply of American Ash, we hope that we see a resurgence in demand for the English variety.

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2 thoughts on “Ash – Through & Through

  1. The ash looks excellent, stocks look clean bright well cared for and in great dimensions.

    Why is it that ash is not bought for its beauty, and range of natural Berber colours which makes it so unique. it will machine really well,
    Its great to to see this, wouldn’t look great as a feature staircase !
    we will get in touch once kiln dried ~ keep us informed
    [excellent blog]

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