Fencing and Gates


Many of you will have experienced the strong winds in the past few weeks, and you may well have had to replace or repair your fences. We in the UK generally love our gardens and spend a lot on plants, but do we give the same thought about our gates and fences? Not always. Think about how long a cheap fence will last? It could be better to invest in good hardwood gates and fences.

We pride ourselves on supplying and installing quaility products. Nothing can be   more pleasing than a traditionally made Oak Gate. Whether it be a Field Gate or Panel Gate a well made Oak Gate can enhance any property. Softwood equivallents do a good job, but these have to be treated to ensure their life, Oak has a natural durability to the elements, and although you can treat Oak, it is not essential.

We have a very skilled fencing team who install a variety of different fences.

Click here to go to our fencing home page.

Give Martin or Chris a call, they are only too happy to discuss your requirements.

PRO Fencing is the fencing division of W L West & Sons Ltd.

Call our fencing team – PRO Fencing on 01252 726391 or email:enquiries@profencing.co.uk


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